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Steven R. Dunn has been practicing law since 1984.  He has appeared in state courts throughout the State of Texas and federal courts, not only in Texas, but in over 20 federal courts throughout the United States.  In his long career, he has been involved in most every type of litigation case, from small to complex class action litigation.  

Mr. Dunn has become an avid spokesperson addressing eating disorders.  He organized a "Night with the Experts," held on March 1, 2017 in which three of the foremost medical doctors conducted a two hour free seminar on eating disorders.

Mr. Dunn was selected to give a TEDx talk on Eating Disorders on April 7, 2017.

He started Project HEAL - North Texas Chapter in 2017 and organized The Morgan Foundation, a foundation designed to raise research funds for the study of the brain and biological causes of eating disorders.

With past experience representing insurance companies and negotiating with insurance companies on eating disorder related issues, Mr. Dunn is uniquely qualified to represent your interests.