You do not pay an attorney to lose.  Whereas, results can and may vary depending on many factors, you have a right to expect your attorney to be better prepared and to work harder than the opposing counsel. Attorneys, like all professionals are based on the results they obtain. Amongst many other positive results, Steven R. Dunn served his clients well in the following cases:

Dunn v. Street, 938 S.W.2d 33 (Tex. 1997) (clarified the standard for objecting to visiting judges)

Burns/Kline v. Anderson, Crenshaw & Associates, L.L.C., Civil Action No. 07-CV-001192-WYD-BNB, District of Colorado (summary judgment obtained for client with court imposing intentional infliction of emotional distress standard for actual damages in FDCPA cases)

Dean Hinderliter, et al v. Diversified Consultants, Inc., Civil Action No. 6:12-cv-1314, Northern District of New York (summary judgment obtained for client with court holding as a matter of law that client’s telephone calls to debtors did not violate the FDCPA)

Mitchell Vanglider v. Lazarus Financial Group, Inc., Civil Action No. 4:10-cv-527-RH/WCS, Northern District of Florida (summary judgment obtained for client in class action case with court for the first time in 11th Circuit, applying the materiality standard for violations of the FDCPA)

Johnny O’Connor v. Diversified Consultants, Inc., Civil Action No. 4:11-cv-1722-RWS (E.D. Mo. May 2013)(FDCPA and TCPA classes denied with court holding that express consent applied to third party debt collector with order having industry wide implications)

James Dunn v. Barry Youmans, as Special Administrator for Estate of Brian Youmans, A-12-663508-B, in the District Court for Clark County, Nevada (Mar. 2014);(one week trial with judge dismissing all counterclaims in excess of $5 million dollars and upholding claims made by the client)


An attorney's job is also to act as a counselor to his clients.  Knowing when to advise certain courses of action taking into account all known circumstances and possible results is the hallmark of a competent, experienced attorney.  That attorney's advice is relied upon by corporate leaders and individuals to help guide them in making sound legal decisions.  

When matters of your health or when dealing with a deadly disease are involved, you need an attorney, a counselor, a trusted advisor who has lived through those trials and will keep your best interests at the forefront.

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